The PowerTech Sigma requires one input cable and one output cable to operate properly.

Input Cables

PowerTech Input Voltage 24Volts DC  (SELECT ONE CABLE)
90108 PowerTech Sigma, Input - Battery
90107 PowerTech Sigma, Input - Joystick
90105 PowerTech Sigma, Input - Joystick (90 Degree)
90112 PowerTech Sigma, Input - Anderson
90114 PowerTech Sigma, Input - Pride Harness
90115 PowerTech Sigma, Input - Permobile Harness
90116 PowerTech Sigma, Input - Auto Auxillary*

90108 Input Battery Cable - Used to get power to the Sigma directly from wheelchair batteries.

90107 Input JoyStick Cable - Used to get power to Sigma from wheelchair charger port

90105  Input 90 Degree Joystick Cable - Used to get power to the Sigma

90112 Anderson Input Cable - Used to get power to the Sigma from existing Anderson Port on Wheelchair

90114 Input Pride Cable - Used to get power to the Sigma from port found on Pride Wheelchairs









90115 Permobile Input Cable used to get power to Sigma from Permobile Wheelchairs












Output Cable Options

PowerTech Output Voltage 12Volts DC (SELECT ONE CABLE)

90110 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Pulmonetics LTV Ventilator Series
90111 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Respironics Trilogy Ventilator Series
90109 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Newport HT50 Ventilator Series
90113 PowerTech Sigma, Output, GE Ivent 101
90103 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Auxiliary Socket
90102 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Barrel, 2.5mm
90104 PowerTech Sigma, Output, 3-jpin (DIN)
90101 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Custom (Picture not Shown)

90110 LTV Output Cable - Used to get power from Sigma to any LTV Series Ventilator

90109 Newport Output Cable - Gets power from Sigma to Newport Vent

90103 Aux Output Cable - Universal Cigarette Adapter

90104 3Pin DIN Output Cable - Gets power from Sigma to device
















Concerned about your future needs? Thinking of Changing Ventilators?   No Worries, cable types are easy to change!     

The PowerTech Sigma works with all Trilogy Ventilators and all Pulmonetic LTV Series Ventilators.  If you ever decide to change to a different ventilator, it's just a simple output cable cord change.

Change your Ventilator...We change your output cord. It's that simple!  The Sigma adapts when you do!

If you need a custom cable or have a special application? Contact us.

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