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What is the PowerTech Sigma?

The PowerTech Sigma Power Center is a sophisticated high-efficiency DC - DC converter. It was specifically designed to use your wheelchair's batteries to safely power your ventilator the whole day.

Why Should I purchase a Sigma?

If you use a ventilator, the Sigma can keep your vent powered all day. Average ventilator run times have exceeded 17 hours even with heavy daily wheelchair use!  This wonderful extension of time allows you to live life to the fullest, without being pestered by nuisance battery alarms.  It restores your freedom because you are no longer anchored to the nearest power outlet or charging station.  The Sigma has other benefits too, it shrinks your wheelchairs physical footprint.  The footprint shrinks because you can get rid of the bulky battery trays.  On average,  users experience having their ventilators powered from dawn to dusk and are happy not having to continuously swap out multiple battery packs.

Need to keep your cell phone or accessory devices charged?

The PowerTech Sigma also has built in USB ports for all your accessory charging needs.

Works With Any Pulmonetic LTV Series Ventilator

The PowerTech Sigma will allow you to experience more freedom because you can go longer between charges.  LTV users will enjoy simultaneous charging as their chair charges, the Sigma keeps the ventilator operating while simultaneously charging the emergency backup battery.

ltv series vent

Works with Any Respironics Trilogy Series Ventilator

Are you tired of hearing your ventilator beep due to low battery power? Eliminate the battery change outs once and for all.  The PowerTech Sigma will keep you going all day long!

PowerTech Sigma Holder allows Sigma to be easily installed on any wheelchair
PowerTech Sigma Holder allows Sigma to be easily installed on any wheelchair
PowerTech Sigma Shown in Sigma Holder Front View
PowerTech Sigma Shown in Sigma Holder Front View
PowerTech Sigma shown with Sigma Holder Back View
PowerTech Sigma shown with Sigma Holder Back View


The PowerTech Sigma requires one input cable and one output cable to operate properly.

Input Cables

PowerTech Input Voltage 24Volts DC (SELECT ONE CABLE) 90108 PowerTech Sigma, Input – Battery 90107 PowerTech Sigma, Input – Joystick 90105 PowerTech Sigma, Input – Joystick (90 Degree) 90112 PowerTech Sigma, Input – Anderson 90114 PowerTech Sigma, Input – Pride Harness 90115 PowerTech Sigma, Input – Permobile Harness 90116 PowerTech Sigma, Input – Auto Auxillary*
90108 Input Battery Cable – Used to get power to the Sigma directly from wheelchair batteries.
90107 Input JoyStick Cable – Used to get power to Sigma from wheelchair charger port
90105  Input 90 Degree Joystick Cable – Used to get power to the Sigma
90112 Anderson Input Cable – Used to get power to the Sigma from existing Anderson Port on Wheelchair
90114 Input Pride Cable – Used to get power to the Sigma from port found on Pride Wheelchairs









90115 Permobile Input Cable used to get power to Sigma from Permobile Wheelchairs












Output Cable Options

PowerTech Output Voltage 12Volts DC (SELECT ONE CABLE) 90110 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Pulmonetics LTV Ventilator Series 90111 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Respironics Trilogy Ventilator Series 90109 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Newport HT50 Ventilator Series 90113 PowerTech Sigma, Output, GE Ivent 101 90103 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Auxiliary Socket 90102 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Barrel, 2.5mm 90104 PowerTech Sigma, Output, 3-jpin (DIN) 90101 PowerTech Sigma, Output, Custom (Picture not Shown)
90110 LTV Output Cable – Used to get power from Sigma to any LTV Series Ventilator
90109 Newport Output Cable – Gets power from Sigma to Newport Vent
90103 Aux Output Cable – Universal Cigarette Adapter
90104 3Pin DIN Output Cable – Gets power from Sigma to device
















Concerned about your future needs? Thinking of Changing Ventilators?   No Worries, cable types are easy to change!     

The PowerTech Sigma works with all Trilogy Ventilators and all Pulmonetic LTV Series Ventilators.  If you ever decide to change to a different ventilator, it’s just a simple output cable cord change.

Change your Ventilator…We change your output cord. It’s that simple!  The Sigma adapts when you do!

If you need a custom cable or have a special application? Contact us.

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Ordering Your Sigma


Order Your Sigma Today!

Ordering the Sigma is super easy.  Simply tell our highly trained team which type of Ventilator you have and leave the rest to us.  Kym or Melissa will be happy to help you place your order and ensure you get the right set of cables for your specific needs.  The team we have assembled are experts and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

When you call us during regular business hours, you will always get a live person.  We have excellent customer service and a very knowledgeable technical staff.  We are here Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM CDT. Closed Saturdays and Sundays.

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Why use the PowerTech Vent Power Center with your ventilator?
The PowerTech Vent Power Center was made to give the users an unparalleled level of freedom and independence in the course of their daily life. It enables ventilator users to unplug themselves from the wall and move about without having to worry about their ventilator’s battery life. The PowerTech Vent eliminates the need for the extra battery that is often used to power portable ventilators. This means no yearly replacement of the battery,  no need for the large vent tray, and much less weight overall on the chair.

What is the PowerTech Vent Power Center and how safe is it to use?
The PowerTech Vent Power Center is a DC-to-DC converter specifically designed to power a portable ventilator from a power wheelchair’s batteries. The PowerTech Vent converts the power from the wheelchair’s batteries into safe, clean & stable electric power for your portable ventilator. Wheelchair batteries have an enormous capacity to store energy, however, most of this energy is unused, and therefore wasted. The PowerTech Vent allows you to tap into this vast store of DC power and allows you to power almost any portable ventilator available. This eliminates the need for those big space wasting batteries and extra battery packs or medical battery backpacks.

How do I know if my ventilator is supported?
Give us a call. Even if we don’t offer it already, we can quickly look into your ventilator type and see if it is compatible with the PowerTech Vent.

How will I know if a low power condition occurs?
An audible alarm will sound from the ventilator if a low power condition occurs. This will likely happen the moment you engage the joystick of your wheelchair. If so, it means the chair batteries need to be recharged.

What happens if my wheelchair batteries completely fail or a power loss occurs? In the unlikely event of a power failure, all quality ventilators have an emergency 1-hour battery backup reserve. So, if power were to ever fail, the ventilator will automatically switch over to its internal 1-hour reserve battery.

What happens if I am not anywhere near civilization and I lose battery power? We do not recommend using a ventilator away from a reliable source of electricity.

Why is it recommend that I keep my AC wall adapter with me at all times?We have done everything possible to ensure that the PowerTech Vent Power Center is manufactured from the highest quality electronic components. We think it’s the best policy to always keep the AC wall adapter emergency power supply with the user at all times. We also believe that the user should keep the 12Volt DC cigarette lighter adapter with them at all times. This 3-fold system will help eliminate and reduce any chance of a potential power
failure to the ventilator.

How quickly can I change from the PowerTech Vent Power Center to an alternate source of power in case of such an emergency? The patented quick disconnect cable system provides a method so cable swapping can be performed in less than 5 seconds without affecting ventilator operation.

How will using this product, save me money in battery costs? The PowerTech Vent Power Center eliminates the need for ventilator batteries and/or additional medical battery power packs. Therefore, the only batteries required are the wheelchair batteries.

What type of batteries will work best with the PowerTech Vent Power Center? Use the largest battery possible. Use large batteries such as Group 27’s. Bigger batteries mean more run time for the chair and ventilator.

Is it a problem to mix batteries of different chemistries, brands or ages?
The answer is simple. Never Mix Battery Types! Mixing battery types in a device is not recommended and can significantly increase the potential for leakage and reduced performance. The biggest problem is an imbalance in available energy between the installed batteries. So, always practice smart battery care and replace used batteries with new, fresh batteries of the same brand.

When should I replace my wheelchair batteries?
All gel cell and Lead Acid Batteries should be replaced every year with or without the PowerTech Vent product. On average, deep cycle batteries get about 360 charges. After this, battery performance will deteriorate and the batteries will not hold a full charge. Great care/caution should be taken to keep a fresh set of batteries in a power wheelchair that is intended to operate a PowerTech Vent Power Center.

How long does it take to recharge my wheelchair batteries?
Charge your batteries overnight.

How long do batteries last powering my wheelchair and my ventilator?
All wheelchairs are not the same, nor are the users that drive them. The most critical factor is the rate at which a device consumes power. Other factors affecting overall battery performance are environmental conditions, device usage patterns (continuous or intermittent) and battery size/chemistry. Most PowerTech Vent users will be able to use the system all day. On average the power center will supply approximately 8hrs-10hrs of continuous use for both the chair & vent used simultaneously. Remember using larger wheelchair batteries means more run time for the chair and ventilator.

Are lead-acid & gel cell batteries considered hazardous waste?
Yes. In the United States and many other countries, lead acid batteries are classified as hazardous waste. So, be sure to take your old batteries to a recycling center in your area.

How should I dispose of batteries?
Most people will not have to worry about replacing their batteries. When your wheelchair goes in for its annual maintenance checkup, the old batteries are usually replaced with new ones. If you decide to have your chair batteries replaced, be sure to take your old batteries to one of the many battery-recycling centers located in your area. This will ensure that they are properly disposed of in accordance with all government and state law regulations.

What if I have a question, other than one listed here?
Please call or email your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Our customer service experts can answer all your questions.

All of our cables are made in U.S.A





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Phone: 815.464.3575 Fax: 815.464.3576

Engineering Specs



  • Compliant to RoHS II EU *Directive 2011/65/EU(Z Versions)
  • Complaint to REACH Directive (ECI) No 1907/2006
  • Ultra-Input Voltage Range (18Vdc to 75Vdc)
  • No Minimum Load
  • High Efficiency – 93.5% at full load
  • Constant Switching Frequency
  • Low Output ripple and noise
  • Output Overcurrent/Voltage Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • ANSI/UL#60950-1-2011 and CAN/CSA† C22.2 No. 60950-1-07,
    Second Edition + A1:2011 (MOD), dated March 19, 2011; and DIN
    EN 60950-1 (VDE‡ 0805 Teil 1):2011-01; EN 60950-1:2006 +
    A11:2009 + A1:2010, DIN EN 60950-1/A12 (VDE 0805-
    1/A12):2011-08; EN 60950-1/A12:2011-02, IEC 60950-
  • CE mark meets 2006/95/EC directive§
  • Meets the voltage and current requirements for ETSI 300-132-2
    and complies with and licensed for Basic insulation rating per
  • 2250 Vdc Isolation tested in compliance with IEEE 802.3¤ PoE
  • ISO**9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facilities

Input No Load Current
VIN = 24Vdc, (IO = 0, module enabled) All IIN,No load 180 mA
VIN = 48Vdc, (IO = 0, module enabled) All IIN,No load 120 mA
Input Stand-by Current
All IIN,stand-by 8 mA
(VIN = 24 to 48Vdc, module disabled)

Inrush Transient All I2t 0.1 A2s
Input Reflected Ripple Current, peak-to-peak
(5Hz to 20MHz, 12μH source impedance; VIN=0V to
75Vdc, IO= IOmax ; see Test configuration section)

Input Ripple Rejection (120Hz) All 60 dB

Parameter Device Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Output Voltage Set-point Vdc
(VIN=24 to 48Vdc, IO=IO, max, TA=25°C) 12 VO VO, set 11.82 12.00 12.18 Vdc
Output Voltage
(Over all operating input voltage, resistive load, and temperature All VO -3.0 ⎯ +3.0 % VO, set conditions until end of life)

Output Regulation
Line (VIN=VIN, min to VIN, max) All ⎯ 0.05 0.2 % VO, set
Load (IO=IO, min to IO, max) All ⎯ 0.05 0.2 % VO, set
Temperature (Tref=TA, min to TA, max) All ⎯ 1.0 1.5 % VO, set

Output Ripple and Noise on nominal output
Measured with 10uF Tantalum||1uF ceramic
(VIN=24 to 48Vdc, IO=80%IO, max, TA=25°C)
RMS (5Hz to 20MHz bandwidth)
12 VO ⎯ ⎯ 75 mVrms
Peak-to-Peak (5Hz to 20MHz bandwidth) ⎯ ⎯ 160 mVpk-pk

External Capacitance
12 VO CO, max 0 ⎯ 2000 μF

Output Current
12 VO Io 0 ⎯ 19.0 Adc

Output Current Limit Inception (Hiccup Mode)
12 VO IO, lim 23 ⎯ Adc

Output Short-Circuit Current
VO ≤ 250 mV @ 25o C All IO, s/c ⎯ 1.2 Arms

VIN=24Vdc, TA=25°C, IO=IO, max 12.0VO η 93.5 ⎯ %

Switching Frequency (Fixed)
VIN=24 to 48Vdc and IO= IO, max All fsw ⎯ 250 ⎯ kHz

Dynamic Load Response
(ΔIO/Δt=0.1A/μs, VIN=24 to 48Vdc, TA=25°C, CO =0uF)
Load Change from IO= 50% to 75% or 25% to 50% of IO,max:
Peak Deviation All Vpk ⎯ 3.0 ⎯ % VO, set
Settling Time (Vo<10% peak deviation) All ts ⎯ 800 ⎯ μs

Product Dimensions
The PowerTech Sigma measures: 5.5″x4.25″x1.5″ inches (13.97cmx10.79cmx3.81cm).

Please call or email your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Our customer service experts can answer all your questions.

Company Website:  www.RichardsonProducts.com
Email Address:  RPI@RichardsonProducts.com
Phone:  815.464.3575  Fax: 815.464.3576